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Chopsticks or Fork?

And coming up in May 2021, I’m asking the question ‘Chopsticks or Fork?‘ in a new series on ABC iview about Chinese restaurants in regional Australia.

Every country town in Australia has a Chinese restaurant. It’s formed an intrinsic part of the Australian identity: a place for celebration, relationships, and community. But who are the people who run these restaurants? Where are they from? Why do they choose to do it and most important of all, what’s their favourite dish on the menu?

Part-travel, part-human-interest story and part-food show, Chopsticks or Fork? is an iview-first series that delves into an aspect of Australiana that everyone has experienced and has fond memories of.

Hosted by comedian Jennifer Wong, each of the six episodes will look at one unique Chinese restaurant in regional Australia. Jen will have a chat to the owners, their family, and members of the community, exploring the inner workings of the restaurant and its role in the town.

Each episode will explore a staple dish of Australian-Chinese cuisine like dim sims, sweet and sour pork and the magical thermodynamic-defying…fried ice cream. Directed by Lin Jie Kong.

Read more about Chopsticks or Fork? in this South China Morning Post article.