Comedy Videos


The sketches below are from Bookish: a weekly show with author interviews and comedy sketches about books on ABC iview.

What would happen if you pitched a classic today? Featuring Sydney comedian Jen Carnovale, and hours of paper crafts.

Book reviewers in real life… With Sydney comedian Jen Carnovale.

Imagine if books were smartphones… With Sydney comedians CJ Delling and Jen Carnovale.

Our very first sketch for Bookish, filmed way back in February 2016. With Sydney comedians CJ Delling, Jen Carnovale, and Suren Jayemanne.

Interviews from Bookish – The Funny Ones

Here’s Tommy Dean as the bestselling author of bestseller mashups.

Monica Dullard was kind enough to film with us as Maura the Clairvoyant Cruise Ship Librarian on one of Maura’s rare moments on land.

All Bookish videos filmed and edited by Carmen Pratap.

Stand-up Comedy

Filmed at Channel 31 in Melbourne.

A bunch of puns…


Plonk, six-part comedy about the making of a fictional wine show called Plonk (Stan., Channel Nine).


The Serpent’s Table, a Performance 4a and Griffin Theatre co-production for Sydney Festival 2014 with eleven sold-out shows.